WonderLab Museum

  • 308 W. 4th Street
  • Bloomington, IN 47404
  • (812) 337-1337

Did you know that one of the Top 25 science centers in the country is located right here in Bloomington? The WonderLab Museum strives to provide kids with opportunities to learn about all things science-related through interactive exhibits and programs. They believe learning is at its most effective & fun when hands-on exploration and meaningful play are involved.

Exhibits include an outdoor WonderGarden that showcases solar power & the science of sound, a gallery of live insects, amphibians, and reptiles in settings that mimic their natural habitats, an augmented-reality sandbox that teaches kids about different climates & biomes, and even more.

Admission: Free for members & ASTC Passport members, $14.00 for non-members ages 1+, and $2.00 for Access Pass Program participants. Active military & family members receive a 20% discount on general admission.

WonderLab AfterHours Chocolate: A Night of Delight

Join us for a Night of Delight during WonderLab’s 2023 AfterHours Chocolate event. Discover delicious chocolate combined with the science of carnival rides. Play beloved games for sweet treats. Learn about the physics behind common carnival rides. Attend talks from local nutritionists and... Learn more

AfterHours: Granfalloon

Take a deep dive into the murky waters of humans and machines through the science of Kurt Vonnegut’s foreboding book Player Piano. Dissect technological conundrums with IU Arts and Humanities professors. Get jiggy with a live band. Debate moral conundrums and artificial intelligence, play... Learn more

AfterHours: Game On!

Enjoy a night playing tabletop games and exploring the science behind SciFi. Enter WonderLab’s MetaZoo tournament, explore the museum with an adventure-based game, play science-based D&D mini-sessions, and much more. Games of all types; card, board, and table top. Mini figure... Learn more