Congratulations! You're in the home stretch of completing your education at Indiana University, which is an incredible accomplishment. Your family will be coming to town to celebrate your milestone achievement, and something as significant as your college graduation deserves to be properly documented — that's why we put together this list of picture-perfect locations on campus to pose at for graduation photos on the big day. Put up the fists & blades one last time before you say "see you soon" to the Cream & Crimson campus that you've called home for the past four years.

Memorial Stadium

You don't have to go far for a great photo op on grad day — you can do it right where the action happens! Take a group photo with friends inside Memorial Stadium after the ceremony ends, or pose outside the arena somewhere on the sporting complex's well-groomed grounds.

Old Crescent

The Old Crescent is filled with immaculate landscaping, historic buildings, and, of course, Herman B Wells' statue! Be sure to get a shot of you shaking the former IU President's hand once more, as you did for the very first time as an incoming freshman during New Student Orientation.

Red Clocks

Four towering red clocks stand in various locations around campus, chiming the IU fight song at the stroke of each hour. Nearly as iconic as Sample Gates, leaning against a red clock for a photo on graduation day feels like leaning on an old friend.

Rose Well House

The Rose Well House is a beautiful limestone gazebo on IU's campus, right up the hill from Sample Gates. Surrounded by beautiful trees and greenery, there's a fairytale-like charm to this graduation photo destination. Known for its romantic tradition of kissing your significant other under its roof for good luck, couples should snap a shot of a shared smooch on grad day for good luck in the next adventure in life.

Sample Gates

We'd be remiss to finish this list without mentioning the most popular graduation photo location on campus: the iconic, beloved Sample Gates. The limestone pillars welcomed you as a freshman, so it's only right to say farewell to the university by taking a photo in your grad garb in front of the landmark that most represents the spirit of the Hoosiers. 

Showalter Fountain

If the Sample Gates is the number one place to take graduation photos, Showalter Fountain is an easy second. The gorgeous landscaping, IU Auditorium in the background, and dancing water make for a picture-perfect shot. Take your photo at Showalter Fountain last so you can dip your feet in the fountain one final time without worrying about your clothes getting wet for other photos.

Your School

College of Arts & Sciences, Jacobs School of Music, O'Neill School of Public & Environmental Affairs, School of Education, Kelley School of Business — whichever college or school you belong to, be sure to have someone snap a shot of you tossing that cap in the air in front of the place where you spent most of your time learning & growing.

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