We look forward to safely welcoming you back to Bloomington.

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Beyond the hotel rooms, the event space, the catering, those basic needs that every event planner must consider, there lies one factor that can make or break an event: the destination. The seemingly superfluous amenities and ambiance are a critical part of what makes an event successful. Conference attendees need a place to relax and recharge after a long day. Groups want fun activities to keep them motivated during down time. Wedding goers want to keep the party going after the reception. And they all require a creative and vibrant atmosphere to draw them in and get them excited. That’s what Bloomington has to offer.

Attendees will find over 100 local restaurants to enjoy, many featuring beer, wine, and spirits made right down the street. They’ll be inspired by the natural beauty of the area when they explore the outdoor recreation spaces. They’ll get energized at a show, and bring that energy back to your event. It’s all part of what makes Bloomington an ideal event destination. Well, that and the gorgeous hotels and event venues.

The Visit Bloomington team can help you plan a wildly successful event, from finding the venue to setting up off-site programs. Contact our sales team to get started, and get ahead.