Lower Cascades Park

  • 2851 N. Old State Road 37
  • Bloomington, IN 47404
  • (812) 349-3700
For a taste of nature close to downtown Bloomington, explore Lower Cascades Park. On the northern edge of Bloomington off Old State Road 37, Lower Cascades features a huge, fully accessible playground with swings, slides, climbing apparatus, and a toddler play area. The park has two unique limestone shelter houses and picnic areas. Cascades Creek runs through the park, along with a small waterfall, a great opportunity to explore nature. The Cascades Trail is a wide, paved trail that runs the length of the park and beyond, around 2.7 miles all together.

Nature Sounds: Good Vibrations

Be immersed in the reverberations of nature as we dip into the use of vibrations, pitch, cadence and crescendo to communicate and to survive. From the smallest mosquito to the largest whale, the animal kingdom sings to us every day. Janiece Jaffe will demonstrate sound meditations using crystals,... Learn more